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Head West Makers Market
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What is branding photography?

Your brand is unique and it deserves to stand out!

How can branding photography help my business?

First Impressions Matter
Think of photography as your first impression to your audience and potential clients. Social media is often the first interaction that people have with your brand. With a mix of portraits and 'behind the scenes' images, your clients will get a sense of who you are and the value you offer.

Authenticity Is Key
Branding sessions showcase the person ( or team) behind the business. This builds trust, familiarity and a connection with your audience and sets your brand apart from competitors in your industry.
Be Consistent
Building a strong brand requires consistency. Together we'll craft your brand identity with a cohesive collection of photos that connect with your audience.

Visual Storytelling
Photography is the art of visual storytelling and I want to tell your story. Creating a narrative that captures the heart of your brand will engage and inform potential clients. It's a chance for you to tell your unique experience and stand out from the crowd.
Building your online presence is an important part of your marketing strategy. Think of it as a tool and investment to the growth of your business. Let's take your brand to the next level.


During your session, you can expect a relaxed and collaborative atmosphere that aims to show your unique personality and style. With my creative direction, we'll get stunning images that align with your brand and tell your story. I'll guide you through the photoshoot to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera. Whether it's a portrait or full branding session, my goal is to capture the authentic you.


Lifestyle Headshots

The lifestyle session is perfect for updating your website and profile photos. You can choose between a studio setting or outdoor location. 

                          ✓ 60 min photoshoot
                          ✓ Two outfit change 

                          ✓ Up to 50 images

Branding Essentials

The Branding Essentials session gives you everything you need to jumpstart your marketing journey and engage with your audience. It includes both lifestyle headshots and behind the scenes of your business environment.

                      ✓ 2 hours of coverage
                      ✓ Three outfit changes
                      ✓ Up to 100 images

Full Branding Session

The Full Branding session will give you a little bit of everything. It's all you need to stand out AND plan your content calendar for months. Along with headshots and lifestyle images, we will capture behind the scenes of your business. This session can also include flat lays or lifestyle product shots.

                      ✓ 4 hours of coverage
                      ✓ Unlimited outfit changes
                      ✓ 200 images 

Ready to book your session?
Tell me about your brand and what you'd like to achieve with your photoshoot.

Here's a few popular questions!
Headshots, portraiture, branding photography! What's the difference?
Photography styles can be confusing and may even overlap. Here are a few terms we use in the industry.

Everyone knows the classic head and shoulders photo or "headshot". It is the first step to establishing your online presence. Traditional headshots were typically shot on a solid background and used for professional purposes. "Lifestyle headshots" are traditional headshots with a twist. This type of photography shows a bit more context, style, personality and body language. It's often shot on location and the goal is to look a bit more natural. They are used for business or professional purposes.

"Portraiture" is a descriptive and creative way to convey a mood and tell a story about a subject. It focuses more on the idea of a persons essence rather than their professional appearance.

So what is branding photography? Branding photography goes well beyond the standard profile pic. It is a collection of images that capture your brand identity in a fun and creative way, while also showing off your products or services. Think of it as educating your audience on the story and values of your brand.
What kind of session is best for me?
It all depends on what you're using them for....

If you just need to update a few profile photos, then the lifestyle headshot session will give you a few different looks.

If you are being featured or looking to put out content regularly for your marketing strategy, then a branding session will give you more options to engage with your audience.

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