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What is interior photography?
Interior photography balances light, aesthetics, layout, and functionality to showcase the unique features of a space.

Interior photography is used by interior designers, architects, and vacation rental agencies to market a product, service or experience. The goal is to
help clients envision themselves in the space and understand its potential uses and benefits.

How is interior photography different from real estate photography?
The main purpose of real estate photography is to sell the property. The goal is to showcase the entire house; spending less energy on specific spaces, and shooting wider angles to emphasize the layout. Once the property is sold, the use for those photos has ended.

Interior photography for design firms include overview images, along with tighter shots that emphasize furnishings, and products used in the home. Lighting is often used to help emphasize the mood and message that the designer is going for. Typically they have a longer lifespan as they are used in portfolio websites, and marketing campaigns. The purpose is to advertise the company's skill and design services.

Interior photography is also used to advertise vacation rentals. It not only showcases the space where you will be staying but also the amenities, and the idea of comfort during your stay. It is selling a lifestyle and experience.
Why does interior and architecture photography typically take longer than real estate photography?
Detail and Composition: Interior photography typically requires a more meticulous approach to capturing the space's details, composition, and design elements. This can involve arranging or adjusting furniture, decor, and lighting for the perfect shot.

Lighting: Interior spaces often have varied lighting conditions. This requires more effort to balance natural and artificial light sources, demanding a more nuanced lighting setup. While real estate photography might involve long exposure or the use of flash, interior photography takes into consideration how lighting affects the mood of the space and can be used to emphasize certain characteristics.

Overall interior photography requires varying artistic considerations. For example attention to composition, angles, and framing to showcase the space's beauty and functionality effectively.

While real estate photography definitely has its place, overall, interior photography tends to demand more attention to detail in shooting as well as in post-processing, which collectively contribute to a longer crafting time.
How do I get my photos?
After your photoshoot, you will receive a password protected proofing gallery where you can select and download your favorite images.
Can I share images with other companies or publications?
Typically no, unless we create a mutual agreement which defines usage. Your photos come with a limited licensing for standard promotional use. Which means you can post the photos on your website, social media and paid ads. If you have specific licensing requests or questions please feel free to reach out at [email protected].
What does licensing mean?
Licensing refers to a copyright holder granting permission to others for the use of their photographs. It outlines the terms and conditions under which the photos can be used, specifying factors like purpose, duration, and distribution. Different licenses may allow for various uses, such as commercial use, editorial use, or personal use.

Who owns the photographs?
Short answer; the photographer. Photographs are considered intellectual property. The person that creates the work is the owner. Much like when you purchase music, you do not become the owner of that song. You are purchasing the license to use that song and that license comes with limitations. You will be able to review the terms of your photography license in the contract, during the booking process.

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